What I’m doing ?

It’s been a while since I’m using Visual Studio Online, in fact, I’m using it since May 2013. Only to stay organized, the tools work really well. Some of my clients have standard infrastructure for theirs development team, a bunch of servers use for various things like source control.

Before the launch of Visual Studio online, I had virtualized a TFS server instance inside my home made VmWare infrastructure, but since I’ve discovered it, this home made server have been shut down.

Because TFS isn’t only a source code repository, it will help you to organize and stay organized with your work planning. Small development team, can really find some benefits to move to Visual Studio Online.

whatiamdoingVisual studio Online pricing details: here

I’m still alive…

… but really busy for a couple of weeks

A quick blog-post to say that I’m using two tools very useful for mobile development… used for “Where are my friends ?” multi-platform mobile app version 2.0.

iOS TestFlight

That’s things work very well and that features save me some time to test the package that I’ve already sent for the final approbation to the iTunes store.


Xamarin users who want to test if theirs x64 iOS application compile still work for release, can use it to save approval time. I say that, cause I had problems with my x64 release, once submitted and download from the iTunes store prerelease.


Other things use for my next “Where are my friends ?” app, is the Xamarin.Insights portal. You want to track users’ problems with your mobile app, this is what you need to use. Very simple to implement, and very simple to use… Xamarin.Insights are still in beta, and we haven’t pricing details.. I hope it will come soon…


More details: Improve your mobile app with Xamarin.Insights

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I was going to my hockey game, yesterday, and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stoned was playing on the radio station… Tonight, I’ve just made a big look  in the past, some years ago, when I was mostly a photographer in my free times.

Today, I just open my old photography archive and decide share some quick selection to you, made completely randomly… Happy christmas times ;)

Xamarin.Forms learning curves

Recently, I start to redesign the UI of my mobile app for being able to use the Xamarin.Forms framework. Here a couple of link and problems/solutions that helped me.

The last links will be very helpful, if you work with a single business core, and you integrated it into you Xamarin.Forms app.

Out of my confortable zone

Out of my confortable zone, I submit a second webcast on Azure Rocks web site. The subject is about consuming message from Microsoft Azure Service Bus Queue.

The webcast is in french, because my english speaking isn’t perfect, but I promise to go a step forward, outside my confortable zone, and translate it into english.

My first iOS, Android and Windows Phone app project

I’m currently in vacation, and I found time to drop quickly some words about these last months. I’ve been busy on various things, like staying well informed on Microsoft Azure.

But some months ago, I started a project named “Where are my friends ?“. It’s a very simple project, that give the ability to found yours friends through an Mobile App. These project use Microsoft Azure as backend and it target iOS, Android and Windows Phone as target devices.

Nothing are revolutionary here, but the idea is quite simple… Keep track of yours friends, and alerts you when they are around you.. That’s it’s !

Through this simple project, I’ve learn to used various services on Microsoft Azure:

Outside the Microsoft World, I’ve also learn how to use:

But, because we live in a wonderful time, I learn from these different website and podcast.

What was my goal with it ?

Simply learn, learn to design a real case Microsoft Azure scenario used with mobile application constraints. It’s pretty challenging to develop mobile application targeting three different mobile technologies. Xamarin studio helps me very well with those task, the learning curves is not so hard, it’s just demand times.

Outside the development part, the release process can be little bit frustrating. Once you release a version on the apple store, you need to wait around 5 to 8 business days to obtains the status of your release. When something not meet the Apple requirement, you need to start again. So, be sure everything is ok, and plans to not be late in your development.

On my side, I just release the wrong version of my app on the Apple store, and Apple approve this release. On this part, I just fail… it’s my fault and my shame… I’ve been forced by myself to remove my iOS app from the Apple store. I need to wait the fixed release before I can re-put my iOS app available on the Apple store.

At this time, I didn’t work with the Google Android store, because my Android release isn’t ready now, but it’s seems to be little bit faster to get it avail on Google Android store.

For overall, all this is fun and challenging. Once you publish a first release of your first mobile App, you can see that it’s been download not only by your friends, but from people from anywhere in the world. That’s cool… no ? It’s quite fun… so… try it !

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